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Learn routines and strategies for great sleep, from the start!

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Good Sleep Habits From The Start

This Online Newborn Course is for the Expecting Mom, New Mom and Mom Again. Ready to implement between 0 - 14 weeks old!

1 - The Mom

Develop clear boundaries for others to support you and make sure you remain joyful and healthy as a newborn mom.

2 - The Home

Create an environment for great sleep habits, and learn how to get Dad and siblings involved.

3 - The Process

Use these steps to create rhythms of sleep both day and night. Identify the routines and sleep props your baby needs.

4 - The Baby

They don't come with instructions! Learn baby's signs, symptoms and future developments. Understand what to expect after the newborn phase.

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Hey, I'm Becca!

I'm a wife, mom of two daughters, and I know what it is like to come home from the hospital with a newborn for the first time and have no clue what is about to happen next, or how you are going to sleep! After consulting with hundreds of exhausted families, I know that establishing healthy sleep habits from the start will help you enjoy those bedtime moments as your child grows.

And I love teaching! I earned my degrees in education including a Master's in the Art of Teaching, and I am excited for you to now be part of my online classroom as you begin this newborn journey.

As a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and member of the Association of Pediatric Sleep Consultants, I have helped hundreds of families resolve their child's exhausting sleep habits, and those experiences and stories have shaped much of this journey we are starting together.

You are making such a great decision to embrace change right from the start! Congratulations! 

"I'm halfway through and we had the best night of sleep in a LONG time with Elliott last night! He fell asleep ON HIS OWN in his bassinet at 10 and did not wake up until 3 am... It was HUGE! I really know he has it in him to get longer stretches at night!"

Mom of Elliot (6 weeks)

"Thank-you Becca. I can now safely say we are ready for our little one to enter the world! Becca has brought me so much peace of mind! Not only how to approach naps and sleep time calmly, but how to embrace the first three months. I am utterly grateful for the guidance she gave us on what 'props' we need and what we simply don't. She is magic! Lots of Love from Hong Kong!"

Charne Kromhout
An Expecting Mom

"Thank you! Taking this course has helped me approach these newborn days with confidence! I know what to expect from her and that takes a lot of the stress I was feeling before, not to mention she’s already sleeping better!"

-A New Mom

"I truly appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication you put into your work. It’s contagious and made me excited to work towards the nap and sleep goals we set for our daughter. It also encouraged me to help my friends who are struggling as well. Our family is sleeping better already thanks to your wise and sage advice!!"

A New Mom

"After leaving the hospital I felt inundated with conflicting opinions from the pediatricians to the nurses to the lactation consultants on just about every topic from pacifiers, to feeding schedules, to napping/sleeping schedules. This course provided me with clarity, confidence, and a plan of attack to navigate the confusing world of a newborn! "

New Mom

Sleep From The Start Includes

  • Instant Access to the 4 Starting Modules, Bonus materials, and Course E-Book
  • Strategies and Processes ideal for babies 0-14 weeks old
  • Course includes video, audio, slides, transcripts, and related guides
  • BONUS: Invitation to the private Facebook Community! Share, engage and learn from other newborn moms.
  • BONUS: Monthly Q&A with Becca in FB Group!
  • BONUS Session: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Janet West (Pediatrician)- New Parent FAQs
  • BONUS: *Four Month Sleep Plan* Pre-Recorded Consultation and Sleep Plan Becca uses for 1:1 clients

Babies Don't Come With Instruction Manuals



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